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Daughters to get preference in inheritance: Supreme Court


The daughters of a male Hindu, who dies without writing a will, would be entitled to inherit the self-acquired and other properties of the father and get preference over other collateral members of the family in the absence of any other legal heir, the Supreme Court (SC) ruled on Thursday.

“If a property of a male Hindu dying intestate (without a will) is a self-acquired property or obtained in the partition of a coparcenary or a family property, the same would devolve by inheritance and not by survivorship, and a daughter of such a male Hindu would be entitled to inherit the property in preference to other collaterals (such as sons/daughters of brothers of deceased father),” a Bench led by Justice S Abdul Nazeer and Justice Krishna Murari said.

The verdict came on a petition challenging a Madras High Court verdict on property rights of Hindu women and widows under the Hindu Succession Act, particularly, the right of the daughter to inherit the self-acquired property of her father, in the absence of any other legal heir.

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